Garland Industries Launches Alternative Energy Subsidiary

Garland Industries Launches Alternative Energy Subsidiary | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
New division hopes to assist facilities' efforts to use non-petroleum based alternatives through variety of services.

Garland Industries Launches Alternative Energy Subsidiary


Garland Industries Launches Alternative Energy Subsidiary

Cleveland, Ohio-based Garland Industries, Inc. has launched a new subsidiary, Garland Energy Systems, Inc., which is dedicated to making large scale alternative energy solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers easier to purchase, install, and maintain. With a management team based in California and Cleveland, and sales representation across the U.S., Garland Energy is attempting to help its customers achieve improved energy independence by delivering specific energy performance outcomes. The company facilitates every aspect of solar system implementation, from preliminary analysis and technology selection, through financing, system integration, and on going maintenance.

Sean Mulligan, California-based Garland Energy president explains, “Garland’s initial entry into the solar energy market was a direct response to customer concerns about rising energy costs. This new subsidiary demonstrates Garland’s commitment to providing seamless solutions to a new generation of customers who are looking for environmentally responsible, petroleum independent building alternatives. Although solar solutions currently dominate the alternative energy landscape, our field of vision remains as broad as the market itself, encompassing wind power and a full range of alternative energy generating technologies.”

According to David Sokol, president of Garland Industries, “Garland Energy is a direct and inevitable evolution of Garland’s on going commitment to sustainable technologies. Garland has been helping organizations adapt to the ever changing social and economic challenges of facility infrastructure management since our founding in 1895. As one of our industry’s earliest adopters of sustainable initiatives, we have successfully integrated the capabilities needed to help our customers realize their visions for a fully sustainable future.”

Garland Energy provides its commercial customers with analysis of energy requirements, an evaluation of competing technologies, financing options, implementation of energy generating solutions, and system monitoring and servicing after the sale. Brian Lambert, the company’s Cleveland-based general manager, explains, “We are currently offering full service, turnkey integration of a full range of photovoltaic alternatives, without prejudice toward a single manufacturer. As new photovoltaic technologies emerge, and other alternative energy sources become commercially viable, we will objectively and independently match each customer’s output, timeline, and budgetary requirements to the most appropriate solutions available. Our goal is to enable our customers to stabilize their energy costs with predictable energy rates for 20 years or longer.”

Through its collaborations with other Garland Industries subsidiaries, Garland Energy is able to provide infrastructural support for the complete building envelope, including thorough roof inspection and analysis, comprehensive engineering services, and design build delivery. Garland has been developing partnerships with companies specializing in alternative energy solutions since 2003, and had already integrated several large scale rooftop solar systems into its customers’ sustainable building designs, prior to launching its newest subsidiary. 

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