TFM Editor's Letter and Upcoming Elections | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings

So what does this political diatribe have to do with facility management? One word—EMPLOYMENT!
So what does this political diatribe have to do with facility management? One word—EMPLOYMENT!

TFM Editor’s Letter and Upcoming Elections

TFM Editor's Letter and Upcoming Elections | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings

Just read the editor’s letter in the October issue and I realize I should read Atlas Shrugged again – thank you for that reminder!

Also, I don’t mean to pick a fight but I had to chuckle when Ms. Schwartz suggested that “both” presidential candidates exemplify “outstanding achievement”.  Other than being annointed by the media as the Democrat’s nominee (over a slightly more qualified woman), specifically what were Mr. Obama’s achievements as a freshman senator, state senator, or community organizer?  And other than co-sponsoring a misguided and unconstitutional campaign finance reform bill that has ironically resulted in his campaign being outspent by a 4 to 1 margin (source: Wall Street Journal), what are Mr. McCain’s recent achievements as an eternal senator?

I suppose we must acknowledge Obama’s uncanny ability to sound very eloquent while not answering a question.  And we should concede his ability to jettison politically expedient alliances with a racist preacher, a despicable American terrorist, and an organization infamous for fraudulent voter registrations.  And I guess we should note McCain’s ability to select a self-made woman as a running mate and allow his handlers turn her into a caricature in front of drooling media jackyls.  Perhaps we should admire his “maverick” attempt to alienate (pun intended) the base of his party with an amnesty plan for illegal aliens.

Now please don’t misinterpret this post an endorsement for either candidate or party – quite the contrary.  I think the Democrats (including Obama) would be better off moving to Europe where they are realizing that socialist utopian dreams = financial nightmares.  And since Republicans (including McCain) have had ample opportunity to demonstrate leadership since 1994 — they deserve to get even more pink slips in November.  The public will deserve the socialist misery that will be inflicted on the country as a larger and larger segment of the population is exempted from federal tax responsibilites and continues to demand wealth redistribution with more and more entitlements coming from fewer and fewer taxpayers.

So what does this political diatribe have to do with facility management?  One word—EMPLOYMENT!  Higher unemployment means less demand for facilities and facility managers – that’s a very simple concept – even for those of us who are products of the nation’s politicized and failing public schools.

But don’t count on the dying, obsolete media to remind us that the past two years have featured big government Democrats in control of the Congress and a big government president.  It’s not a coincidence that the past two years have featured rising unemployment, oil and gasoline prices shooting through the roof, and a crashing stock market.  Wealth is being destroyed as it is being redistributed through corrupt taxation policies that punish work, achievement, and even death.  Unfortunately, the next four years will likely promise more of the same regardless of who wins in November elections.

The United States – we, the people – desperately need new leadership steeped in “old school” common sense.

Poor Richard

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