Weird Wednesday: New Meaning To “Please Remain In Your Seats”

Weird Wednesday: New Meaning To "Please Remain In Your Seats" | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
A company offers a venue for social events in the sky.

Weird Wednesday: New Meaning To “Please Remain In Your Seats”


Weird Wednesday: New Meaning To “Please Remain In Your Seats”

Dinner in the Sky, a Belgian based operation that holds events worldwide, provides an option for parties up to 22 people. Hoisted about 180 feet above the ground with a crane, a platform measuring about 20’x10′ is transformed into a gastronomic event—tailored to the host’s desires.

This entertaining option would no doubt bring to mind some serious safety concerns for facility managers. However, the company apparently has that aspect under control. Safety tests are performed on equipment by the Belgian Testing agency, BTV, every three months. And, during an event patrons are secured their seats with four point seatbelts (minimum height for patrons is 5′).

A chef, waiter, and entertainer (piano can be hoisted up on a separate platform) take charge to provide a good meal and some entertainment.

Additional offerings listed on the company’s Web site: Lights, Heating, Sound, Television Screens, and a Customized Banner Underneath Platform.

If you’re wondering what happens when someone needs to use the restroom, Dinner In The Sky has that covered. The entire platform is lowered to use pre-selected facilities. Takes less than a minute, according to the company.

Here are some photos of past events…

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