The TFM Forum and LiveXchange: Day One

The TFM Forum and LiveXchange kicked off an extremely successful first day out in Huntington Beach California. Events on Sunday included golf and two facility tours: UCLA’s extensive athletic facilities and Disneyland California’s behind the scenes sneak peak.

The events were designed to help break the ice for sponsors and attendees, and comments after the kickoff indicate all three groups enjoyed the experiences and the networking opportunities. Beautiful (but windy!) weather certainly helped foster a positive response from all participants.

The UCLA tour, hosted by speaker Kevin Borg, inspired many guests to revisit their own (not so stellar) college days. Many even voiced a desire to go back to school–particularly after their trip to the impressive cafeteria.

And the Disneyland California group (pictured, above) started with a look at the “temporarily retired” floats for the Halloween parade (talk about your relamping project), proceeded to the California Screamin’ coaster, and then headed for the bakery. The amazing tour culminated with two versions of the “Soaring” ride–first as a guest, and then hidden from view underneath the ride. Just seeing the inner workings of some of these rides was fascinating, but our gracious host, Kaz Takeda, really went above and beyond the call of duty.

Stay tuned for another update tomorrow.

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