3M and System4 Announce New Partnership

System4, a provider of commercial cleaning services, has partnered with 3M Building and Commercial Services Division, a supplier of cleaning and maintenance products and programs for commercial, health care, educational, retail and industrial facilities, to offer commercial cleaning services.

“This new partnership is going to be extremely beneficial to our customers and franchisees; it sets a new standard for the commercial cleaning industry,” said Phil Kubec, president and CEO of System4. “Our franchisees now have a customized, complete, sustainable, best-in-class solution for their cleaning chemicals, tools, and process that gives System4 an edge and translates to better customer satisfaction and value.”

System4 franchisees and customers will be assisted by 3M’s products. 3M offers Green Seal certified chemicals and maintains a focus on sustainability practices, globally and locally, which aligns with System4’s commitment to sustainable cleaning. 3M will also provide training solutions to System4 employees and franchisees nationwide, to share its industry experience and knowledge. The new partnership will streamline the cleaning chemicals and backup tools used by System4, which will make product selection and use easier, and help reduce inventory.

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner with System4,” said Jon Beltz, manager with 3M Building and Commercial Services Division. “Commercial cleaning customers across the nation will benefit tremendously, getting the best possible service at a great value.”

“3M’s cleaning solutions are a perfect fit for the fast growth we have been fortunate to attain,” commented Paul Scales, director of master development for System4. “The 3M chemical concentrate for use with the Twist ‘n Fill System is cost effective, safe, easy to use. What’s more, the system is extremely versatile, so each of our franchisees can choose the solution that best meets their needs.”

“We are especially excited about what this partnership means for System4’s future,” said Scales. “We appreciate the customization options offered by 3M Building and Commercial Services, and are already exploring opportunities to use more 3M products, making even more processes and services uniform across our franchise system.”