Friday Funny: Storied Disneyland

The magic of Disney has been experienced by millions of people around the world over the past several decades. And there are no doubt numerous aspects of history of Disney parks that remain unknown to the general public. In Anaheim, CA, Disneyland holds more than a few secrets. A few reported recently on include:

* The drawbridge to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle really works. It’s been raised only twice: once on opening day, and once in the l980s when Fantasyland reopened.

* The crest above the drawbridge is the Disney family crest.

* It took only 364 days to build Disneyland.

* Main Street represents Walt Disney’s home town, Marceline, MO, in 1901 (the year he was born).

More can be found at the Uptake site.

The TFM Forum, which took place in Huntington Beach, CA in November 2008, included a behind the scenes tour of Disneyland. TFM Editor, Heidi Schwartz, wrote about what the group of facility managers attending saw on the tour.