New Product Flash: Shield™ From InPro Corp.

The Clickeze division of InPro Corporation has introduced a new version of its Shield™ line of infection fighting fabrics. The new fabrics offer the same safeguards as previous versions, but the base material has been improved to provide an enhanced look and softer feel. The new material also allows for double-sided printing on many patterns.Shield fabric from InPro contains infection fighting properties.

Also for 2009, Clickeze has added three new patterns (Nottingham, Gentry, and Tudor) in 18 new colorways. In addition to privacy curtains, Shield fabric can be used for shower curtains, window treatments, and bed coverings.

Unlike disinfectants or other treatments, Shield fabric eliminates microbes on its own. Originally developed by Panaz in the UK, Shield technology uses positively charged silane-based molecules that modify the fabric it is affixed to. Instead of leeching into the surrounding fabric, the Shield technology remains permanently fixed to the fabric. When a microbe comes into contact with the fabric, the Shield technology destroys the cell.

An ASTM E 2149-01 test of Shield fabrics showed that the material eliminated 99.8% or more of the most common microbes classed as the worst sources of hospital acquired infections (MRSA and VRE, and 95.7% of clostridium difficile (c. diff.)).

In addition to its infection fighting properties, Shield fabrics also offer stain resistance and can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent. The fabrics retain their infection fighting properties through repeated thermal washings, conform to the NFPA701 flame-retardant standard, and come in 49 patterns and colors.