NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Biodegradable Trash Bags

Perf Go Green, Holdings Inc. offers commercial trash bags designed to biodegrade within two years. Founded in 2007, the company markets and distributes products that incorporate recycled plastics combined with an oxo-biodegradable proprietary application method to produce a film for the bags. Based on environmental claims statements made by the manufacturer of the oxo-biodegradable applied to the bags, when discarded in soil and exposed to the presence of microorganisms, moisture, and oxygen, the company states that Perf Go Green products biodegrade, decomposing into simple materials found in nature. (For more on oxo-biodegradable plastics, visit the OxoBiodegradable Plastics Institute.)

Commercial trash bags from Perf Go Green
Commercial trash bags from Perf Go Green

In fall 2008, Perf Go Green completed its first major commercial conversion with the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York City. The hotel decided to begin using Perf Go Green custom sized commercial trash bags in three different sizes for its entire operation, including executive offices, hotel trash cans, steward stations, and ice bucket containers.

Other products available from Perf Go Green include 13 gallon tall kitchen trash bags, 30 gallon lawn and leaf bags, and plastic drop cloths.


  1. I think the idea of using biodegradable products is wonderful. Not only are they more eco-friendly to produce than their petroleum based counterparts, but they are made with renewable resources and are toxin free.

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