Crate Ideas! | Attractive Applications For Repurposed Egg Crates

Federico Otero has created a clever, attractive application for repurposed egg crates.

Budding musicians learn early in life to appreciate the value of good acoustics. And parents of these aspiring musicians value good acoustics even more, particularly when those acoustics serve to absorb some of the misplayed chords and ear shattering drum solos that go along with the glitz and glamor of the rock and roll lifestyle.

But once the rejected rockers have been voted off American Idol and the basement or garage is converted back to its original purpose, what’s a parent to do with all of those egg crates that were perfect for absorbing late night jam sessions? Designer Federico Otero has a great idea: turn those sound diffusers into light diffusers.

Otero, one of 15 finalists in Inhabitat’s Spring Greening Contest, created the Origen lamp from several 30-pack egg crates interlocked around a light bulb. The end product is an elegant pendant fixture that gives off a soft, warm glow.

Over the last decade, Otero’s work has taken him from the United States to Italy to Switzerland where he has created everything from faucets to jewelry.