CINTEC America, a firm specializing in structural masonry retrofit strengthening, repair, and preservation, offers a blast protection system for existing masonry structures. The system, known as Blastec, a complete diagnostic design and installation service, uses technology and drilling methods designed to retrofit masonry structures to better withstand possible damage from incidents such as gas explosions or bomb blasts. Blastec is capable of reinforcing a variety of masonry wall types in either solid or windowed panels.

CINTEC's Blastec system incorporates the company's Reinforcing Anchor System.
CINTEC's Blastec system incorporates the company's Reinforcing Anchor System.

The Blastec process begins with an inspection of the structure by a qualified CINTEC engineer. The structure is then modeled in 3D-modeling to assess the behavioral probability and the risk inherent to the structure in order to determine the best reinforcement pattern.

At the site, the CINTEC Reinforcing Anchor System, fashioned out of a steel bar enclosed in a mesh fabric sleeve, is inserted into the structure in need of reinforcement. A specially developed, non-polymer, cement like grout is then injected into the sleeve under low pressure. The grout then fuses with the mesh, expands, and shapes itself around the steel to fit the space. CINTEC uses dry- or low-volume wet diamond drilling techniques to reduce, or even eliminate, water damage associated with conventional concrete wet drilling.

In-situ load testing on various sizes and types of CINTEC anchors has shown that large blast loads can be successfully resisted, and that the CINTEC Reinforcing Anchor System provides a reliable, bottom line defense against explosions.