Cities Sought For Lighting System Trial

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Eco Alternative Solutions, LLC is seeking 25 locales to participate in a 90-day trial of its solar powered LED street light system.

Cities Sought For Lighting System Trial


Cities Sought For Lighting System Trial

Eco Alternative Solutions, LLC is seeking 25 U.S. cities to participate in a no-cost, 90 day trial of its recently announced Integrated Solar Series (ISS), a solar powered LED street light system. The solar unit replaces the city’s current lighting system on 30 foot tall utility poles commonly used on residential and other streets.

Mono Crystalline solar power collects energy and converts and stores it into two recyclable, sealed lead acid batteries located in the rear of the unit. At dusk, the DC 12-volt five amp controller powers the white or yellow LED for 10 hours nightly and can maintain power for up to three consecutive nights of lighting per charge.

CEO Shane Chapin explains, “In a town with 50,000 lights the current monthly expense is about $215,400 based on running the lights for 10 hours per day. Switching to ISS generates average savings of about $158,400 a month. Cost savings depend on the available sunlight and we can assess the expected savings for each community.”

ISS lights have been tested over the last year and half, and additional field tests in different ambient conditions will take place during this trial period to ensure the product is an appropriate alternative.

Chapin said, “We examined the purchasing process in large scale conversions such as city street lights and are prepared to help through every step of the financial and energy assessment for cities that want to take advantage of the often confusing American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Couple that with our financing options, that are customized to not exceed your current outgoing energy expense, and you have a winning scenario.”

Cities wishing to participate in the trial program can contact Eco Alternative Solutions in Springfield, IL by calling (217) 303-8255. (The company’s website is currently under maintenance.)

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