FRIDAY FUNNY: Discerning Thievery

FRIDAY FUNNY: Discerning Thievery | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
Cheesecake and wine were part of one criminal's loot.

FRIDAY FUNNY: Discerning Thievery


FRIDAY FUNNY: Discerning Thievery

Earlier this month in Washburn, WI, a thief broke into a restaurant, but no money was taken. Instead, the perpetrator availed themselves of some things from the kitchen.

The co-owner of DaLou’s Bistro said someone broke into her restaurant and stole several bottles of wine, a large Italian ricotta cheesecake, and a bag of arugula. The proprieter said she found the thefts “bizarre” and said her waitress joked that the thief was probably stocking up for a nice dinner party.

She said the robber may have just taken what was immediately available; most of the meat and wine were locked up in the basement, but the stolen items were more accessible. She estimates the losses, including damage to the doors, totalled several hundred dollars.

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