Armstrong Ceilings has introduced DC FlexZone, a ceiling grid system with the ability to distribute safe, low voltage direct current (DC) power to lighting fixtures, sensors, and other electrical devices in a ceiling.

The new grid system is designed to improve the flexibility and reuse of interior spaces by enabling faster and easier repurposing and reconfigurations to satisfy the changing needs of the occupants without the need to rewire. By providing “plug and play” modularity, DC FlexZone simplifies the management and control of lighting and other devices normally found in the ceilings of commercial buildings.DC FlexZone from Armstrong Ceilings

It can also contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings by enabling the use of more energy efficient devices and controls. For example, the DC FlexZone grid system can help accelerate the use of DC-based light emitting diode (LED) and other solid-state lighting devices. Additionally, the distribution of DC power directly through interior infrastructures such as ceilings can be a key component in systems that make more efficient use of on-site, DC-based renewable energy sources, such as solar.

Available in two Armstrong grid designs (Suprafine® T-bar and Silhouette® bolt-slot) the new system’s DC main beams with integrated electrical conductors are used with 9/16″ tegular ceilings and available in four different lengths.

Note: Armstrong is a founding member of the EMerge Alliance, an open, not-for-profit industry association launched in 2008 to create a new standard for the rapid adoption of safe, low-voltage DC power distribution and use in commercial building interiors. The EMerge standard will integrate interior infrastructures (like ceilings, furniture or walls), power, controls and peripheral devices, such as lighting, in a common platform. The standard will be released this summer, with EMerge-registered products from member companies expected to be available later this year.