NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Rover HVE Extractor From Dri-Eaz

The Rover high volume extractor from Dri-Eaz is designed for water removal after flooding from leaks, burst pipes, sprinkler set off, or shower and sink overflow. Capable of removing water up to 1/2” deep on top of soaked carpets, the Rover is designed for use on all types including low pile and commercial grade, difficult to dry varieties

The Rover HVE removes standing water and water from carpet.
The Rover HVE removes standing water from carpet.

Using a high volume extractor on carpets prior to adding dehumidifiers and fans will help speed the drying process exponentially and shorten overall drying times. The ride on, maneuverable Rover includes a range of features for ease of use and time savings:

  • Joystick control for easy 360° maneuverability
  • Rotomolded housing that shields against damage to walls and trim while riding
  • Two-speed switch to tailor performance to carpet moisture levels
  • Clear water take-up tube to monitor water extraction progress
  • LED light for illuminating floor in dark areas
  • Ergonomic handle that folds down and locks for compact storage
  • Sturdy, stainless steel frame that resists corrosion

The Rover can be attached to a flood pumper (such as the Flood King DX from Dri-Eaz) to create a portable water removal team. Both units can be transported directly to the scene of the flood (even on upper or lower floors) and eliminate the need for running hoses out windows or renting large truck-mount systems.

The Rover was co-engineered by Dri-Eaz in an exclusive partnership with US Products.