Focus On Employee Wellness

To help employers that are facing the challenges of retaining top employees and maintaining productivity and morale, Sodexo, Inc., now offers a Quality of Life Services Program: ToLive. Last week, the company announced its launch of this program designed to impact employee health, morale, attendance, retention and organizational effectiveness.

Sodexo's ToLive program includes an integrated approach to services that impact health and wellness.
Sodexo's ToLive program includes an integrated approach to services that impact health and wellness.

Sodexo, a service company with a core business of integrated food and facilities management, stated that it has created ToLive to address the fact that 75% of chronic diseases are lifestyle related and avoidable, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If ignored, they can also impact the bottom line of companies.

“Employers understand that during these difficult economic times, their employees might not be as focused on taking care of their health and well being. At the same time, companies can no longer afford to absorb the economic consequences associated with employees’ poor health,” said Aster Angagaw, senior vice president of market development, Sodexo Corporate Services. “Sodexo can help companies manage this dilemma by offering a unique set of solutions designed to manage the needs of employees while allowing the employer to focus more on their core business. This unique holistic approach is what makes Sodexo a valuable business partner to our clients.”

ToLive includes the delivery of an integrated approach to services that impact health and wellness, work-life balance, workforce diversity, sustainability, and workplace services. Examples of the program’s components include:

  • Health and wellness tools and resources to create a culture that supports healthier lifestyle behaviors, leading to higher employee productivity and more importantly lower heath insurance costs
  • Worklife effectiveness resources like a virtual concierge to improve productivity through offerings ranging from multiple errand elimination services, a personal resource center and other stress reducing amenities.
  • Best practice sharing and expert consultation for other workplace services, diversity and sustainability initiatives

Combining online and on-site tools and strategies address both the on-site and virtual workforces. Angagaw added, “ToLive is comprehensive, incentive driven, and trackable, therefore sustainable for long-term company use.”


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