Waste Not! | Recycling Office Paper Into Toilet Paper

Can this machine reduce restroom supply orders?

Can this machine reduce restroom supply orders?

FRIDAY FUNNY: Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Not! | Recycling Office Paper Into Toilet Paper

Recycling office paper is a concern for many facility managers (fms), and it can be a challenge to coordinate an effective program—one that educates building occupants which paper goes in what bin, informs maintenance staff how to handle said paper, and includes a recycling firm that does the job right. Well, fms with $95,000 on hand can begin recycling office paper in-house this fall by purchasing a machine being offered by Tokyo-based Nakabayashi.

The toilet roll maker from Nakabayashi reduces the need to order restroom supplies.
Paper’s in one end and out the other with Nakabayashi’s new machine.

The machine, designed to work right in an office, converts used copier paper into toilet rolls. The company is marketing the equipment as being able to produce two rolls per hour from about 1,800 sheets (close to 16 pounds) of A4-sized paper.

The nearly $100K price tag aside, one would need to find out how much energy the machine uses to “recycle” the office paper. But who knows, you may never have to buy toilet paper again!

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  2. Do you realize that at $100,000.00 you could buy at least 223,713 rolls of toilet paper? Not to mention the added cost of interest, power and maintenance to produce the end product! (sic)

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