Immigration Law Compliance

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Recently, Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed that it soon plans to audit more than 600 employers nationwide for compliance with hiring laws. Companies need to examine their hiring practices to avoid the disruption and negative publicity that can accompany a federal or local enforcement action.

Immigration Law Compliance


Immigration Law Compliance

Recently, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) revealed that it soon plans to audit more than 600 employers nationwide for compliance with hiring laws. In addition, a number of state and local jurisdictions are implementing requirements for employers to verify the status of workers and performing inspections targeting illegal workers who use false documents. Companies need to examine their hiring practices to avoid the disruption and negative publicity that can accompany a federal or local enforcement action.

Some companies have already experienced the new style of immigration law enforcement. In early May, Overhill Farms, a large frozen food company in the Los Angeles suburbs, was the subject of what has been called a “desktop raid.” An audit uncovered that one-fourth of its 1,000 employees had discrepancies in their Social Security records that turned out to be unresolvable, exposing their status as illegal immigrants. The company had little choice but to let the workers go in one fell swoop. Overhill quickly found replacement workers, but the episode was traumatic for management and workers alike, as it came with little warning.

Immigration investigations in progress are shifting focus rapidly. In February of this year, a Bellingham, WA engine manufacturing company was raided when agents became aware that criminal gang members had been on the payroll. Twenty-eight of 100 workers were initially arrested, and early reports indicated that the employers were cooperating with ICE. Within weeks the case took a turn, as temporary visas were issued to the illegal workers in exchange for their cooperation in the investigation that is now focused on the employer.

Electronic screening systems such as E-Verify and SSNVS are helpful, but are no substitute for human attention. Human resources personnel today need to be aware of all the possible vulnerabilities in their hiring process and how to minimize them. They also need to make sure that any problems are resolved fairly and appropriately.

Consequently, Omega Secure Solutions (OSS), a homeland security services firm comprised of former immigration officers, recently announced a new program to assist employers in complying with immigration laws. Says company President Bob McGraw, “Even eight years after 9/11, many in the business community still have only minimal baseline knowledge of immigration law.”

Maintaining a legal workforce is important for some obvious reasons—to protect a company from enforcement action and to avoid the negative publicity and business disruption that accompanies it. But the best reason, as those who have devoted time and resources to this goal know, is that it results in a stable workforce that helps companies flourish. As governments at all levels flirt with ever more punitive laws and regulations, corporate leaders should take control of their hiring process on their own schedule and in accordance with the company’s best interest.

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  2. The choice is ultimately yours about health care solutions or the severe illegal immigration problem, by calling Washington politicians at 202-224-3121. ICE must be ruthlessly in going after the parasitical businesses who pay nothing for their illegal workers in health care benefits. THAT’S BEEN LEFT TO TAXPAYERS FOR DECADES.
    The American people must decide their health care options? Because of the massive divide of angry citizens and legal residents, it is essential that free choice must be on the table of any new legislation. Taxpayers must realize that special interest groups have a monopoly over radio and television networks, because they have extraordinary amounts of money to spend on engineering the truth. We have a passionate commitment to our homeless veterans, citizens, such as our own poverty-stricken people.

    Those who have health care now care nothing for those without, but the shock will come with escalating costs when premiums to rise and can no longer afford it for their own family. ALSO REMEMBER THAT MANY POLITICIANS HAVE FINANCIAL INTERESTS IN THE STATUS QUO AS THEY ARE STOCKHOLDERS IN THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY.
    They have acclimatized a large portion of Americans that insurance companies are the best deal, but this is not true? Most European countries perform very well with the private and the public option? Erosion began in the European health care system, when an indoctrinated Europe allowed poor nations access to their hospitals and doctors without every paying into the government system. This was the main cause of medical care sinking below par, not indifferent to illegal cheap labor entering our nation. Until the 1980’s there was–NO–extreme rationing or problems in the British national health care, until England became overwhelmed by Northern Europeans. I know because I was there in Britain and in Australia. Nobody can be turned away from Doctors or hospitals, which is the–ABSOLUTELY SAME–position as America.

    THINK! How can America sustain health care costs, when US taxpayers are forced by federal law to support poor sick and maimed 20 million plus illegal aliens? No nation can sustain its living standards as in the near past, after the mass immigration of illegal immigrants and their extended families. Our only option is to terminate illegal cheap labor with every enforcement opportunity we can muster. Without restrictions millions more will keep coming, specifically of Amnesty raising its ugly head again. We must keep up the pressure on Washington, with mandated E-Verify, the Save Act, state police authorization of 287 G, no match social security, an originally planned two-tier fence and ICE raids. Learn more at the Heritage Foundation site or NUMBERSUSA.