FRIDAY FUNNY: Body-O-Matic, for the Unsafe Workplace

Workplace safety is no laughing matter. No matter how many signs and warnings are displayed, some joker decides it’s easier to be sorry than it is to be safe.

In Australia, WorkSafe Victoria has come up with a gruesome campaign with the assistance of Lifelounge and OddStudio of Syndey to get the point across: The Body-O-Matic vending machine designed to sell spare body parts.

During Work Safe week in Melbourne, Australia, the folks from the Safetycare team snapped a few photos and shared these observations of the display in the Melbourne Convention Center:

In the foyer, there was this rather odd vending machine. At first glance, it looked like a regular food-type vending machine, but as curious onlookers neared, it could be seen that the products within were body parts! We at Safetycare loved this. A simple artistic installation that reminds us that we can’t replace our body parts as simply as just buying them from a vending machine, so we had better look after our own!


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