NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Total Resource Management By Geocycle LLC

Earlier this year, Geocycle LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Holcim (US) Inc., launched a Total Resource Management Group which provides customers environmentally sustainable service options for their waste management needs. Geocycle Total Resource Management provides companies with a full suite of progressive, solutions oriented services focused on re-using, recycling and co-processing waste in the most beneficial manner. This allows natural resources to be preserved for future generations while at the same time helping to reduce a company’s waste management costs.

The Geocycle Total Resource Management program includes the following services:

  • Resource Management: Offers customers assurance that their waste is being sent to the location that provides the most resource recovery and diverted to less sustainable locations only after all other solutions have been exhausted.
  • Analytic Services: Accurate analysis of waste requires specific expertise.
  • Logistics Services: Provides safe handling and transportation when working with hazardous and non-hazardous waste and staffed by qualified operators with the training and certifications necessary to do the job successfully.
  • On-site Materials Management: Includes the management of waste through the company’s consulting services to help minimize the generation of wastes, setup recycling programs, and maximize the recovery of these resources.