NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Workplace Utilization Analysis

PeopleCube, provider of workplace, resource, and energy management technology, recently launched its Workplace Utilization Analysis Services, a consulting service designed to help organizations maximize real estate utilization and organizational efficiency by leveraging detailed analysis of workspace utilization data. The service is aimed at providing companies insight into how their real estate is being leveraged and to enable them to make educated decisions on managing their shared corporate assets to reduce costs and enhance operational efficiencies.

By combining real estate management data, business intelligence data, and the expertise of PeopleCube’s real estate utilization analysis professionals, customers are presented with a thorough analysis of usage trends and valuable insight into how they can enhance operational efficiency.

“With real estate typically being the second largest corporate expense after personnel, the importance of understanding how space is being used cannot be overstated,” says Carolyn Urban, vice president of services and support at PeopleCube. “There’s a huge difference between the actual use of space versus the planned use of space, and understanding that difference can help prevent the unnecessary acquisition or expansion of real estate assets. Our Workplace Utilization Analysis Services arms companies with not just the data, but the analysis of that data to help them make educated decisions on future real estate needs based on utilization trending and other valuable analysis.”