Don't Take Your Child To Work Here…

Don't Take Your Child To Work Here... | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
There are some workplaces where a visit from the kids should last no more than a few minutes at the most.

Don't Take Your Child To Work Here…


Don't Take Your Child To Work Here…

Yesterday (4/22) was the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, which just so happened to overshadow the fact (at least in many organizations) that it was also Take Your Child to Work Day. Most employees are amused by the novelty of the pitter patter of little feet around the workplace (although it some places, it does mean colorful language needs to be curbed), but there are some cases where a visit from the kids should last no more than a few minutes at the most.

Check out this list from GeekDad (courtesy of

10. Work-From-Home Parent (talk about distractions…)

9. “Adult” industries (duh #1)

8. Coal miner (a little too soon for this, I agree; at least the original list didn’t include oil rig worker, although it should)

7. Taxi driver (“you talking to me?”)

6. Underwater demolition expert (as long as the child has seen “Finding Nemo,” this is a really bad idea)

5. Professional blogger (it’s ugly–trust me)

4. Disney World Mascot (talk about destroying the magic)

3. Apple factory worker (especially if the child has a tendency to take prototypes and leave them in places where they can be found by Gawker bloggers)

2. Victoria’s Secret bra fitter (duh #2)

1. Air traffic controller (the consequences of this stunt have already been well documented)

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