NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LEED Calculator

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LEED Calculator | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
The online calculator is aimed at determining how the company's products may contribute to LEED credits.

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LEED Calculator


NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Georgia-Pacific Gypsum LEED Calculator

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum has announced the availability of its new online LEED® Calculator aimed at simplifying the process for determining its products’ potential contribution to LEED credits. Specifically, the calculator will provide information about the potential of earning the rating system’s Materials and Resource Credits MR4 Recycled Content and MR5 Regional Materials. Designed for use by facility managers, architects, other specifiers, contractors, and suppliers, the LEED Calculator is available here.

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum’s LEED calculator provides immediate access to LEED credit contribution information with the input of several pieces of information. Facility managers can type in their project name (located in U.S), zip code, and their Georgia-Pacific Gypsum product choice(s). (Not all LEED Credits are applicable in Canada and Mexico; refer to the World Green Building Council. For information about LEED Canada, visit that site.)

For each product, the calculator asks where it was manufactured (if you don’t know, you can contact the distributor, or call a toll-free number for assistance), along with purchase cost. The calculator then provides a report and printable letter that outline the relevant LEED credit documentation for the products chosen. Categories of information include recycled content and regional material availability.

“The importance of sustainable construction demands that our customers have timely and accurate information on the key attributes of our products,” said Barry Reid, LEED AP, and Georgia-Pacific’s business development marketing manager. “As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, we are pleased to make this valuable tool available online, so information can be easily calculated and supporting documents created.”

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