NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Greenpipe By Aquatherm

NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Greenpipe By Aquatherm | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
This recyclable piping system is designed specifically for potable water applications.

NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Greenpipe By Aquatherm


NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Greenpipe By Aquatherm

Aquatherm Greenpipe® is a recyclable polypropylene-random (PP-R) piping system designed specifically for potable water applications. A heat fusion welding connection eliminates toxic materials and open flames from piping installations and results in a homogeneous material, eliminating systematic weaknesses and leakage paths. The pipe and desired fitting are inserted onto an Aquatherm welding device and heated for a specified time (typically seconds), then joined together.

The (PP-R) material used in Aquatherm is an abundant byproduct of petroleum processing. The company states that it requires far less energy for initial production than other piping materials, and involves none of the environmental effects associated with mining operations. Additionally, the pipe has a natural R-value of 1-1.5 depending on pipe size and SDR.

With no leak path and strong joints, Aquatherm is built to last a lifetime and is fully recyclable. It is tested and certified to many national and international safety standards and codes, including ISO, IAPMO, ICC, ASTM, and NSF (NSF 61, 51, 14), among others. Aquatherm Greenpipe come in pipe dimensions ranging from 3/8″ to 12″ (equivalent).

While the product may be new to some in the industry, Greenpipe has been used around the world for more than 35 years. Qualities include:

  • Low material cost (especially when considering installation times/costs)
  • A comprehensive manufacturer warranty
  • Absolutely corrosion resistant and resistant against chemicals
  • Reduced linear expansion for Aquatherm Greenpipe® faser-composite pipe by 75%
  • High impact resistance and reduced pipe friction
  • Heat and sound insulating characteristics
  • Lightweight and easy to pre-assemble

Aquatherm also makes Climatherm pipe (HVAC applications) and Lilac (for recycled/reclaimed water).

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