NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: RoofGenuity From Firestone

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: RoofGenuity From Firestone | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
Facility managers can use the RoofGenuity modeling tool to discover the optimal roofing configuration for their buildings.

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: RoofGenuity From Firestone


NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: RoofGenuity From Firestone

As building information modeling (BIM) continues to change the way construction projects are built, Firestone Building Products Company, LLC, has introduced RoofGenuity, a modeling tool for the commercial roofing industry. The online tool enables facility managers, building owners, architects, consultants, and roofing contractors to populate the roof area on their building designs with various configurations of Firestone single-ply, asphalt and metal roofing systems, and polyiso insulation BIM objects to create the optimal model for their project needs.

RoofGenuity is aimed at providing the information needed to create roof assemblies with Firestone products. It can be used for a range of building types, including educational facilities; commercial, industrial and office buildings; entertainment venues; healthcare facilities; and government buildings.

To use RoofGenuity, industry professionals can visit the RoofGenuity portal and register for a free account. After entering optional project location information, the user can begin the roof assembly process.

Available in pre-configured or fully customizable systems, the modeling tool prompts users to select their preferred assembly features (including system type, attachment method, R-value, deck type, and desired warranty). They also can choose options such as a cool roof, coverboard, or vapor retarder.

Based on the responses, a list of potential roof assemblies is generated, complete with product details and 3D models. RoofGenuity also features links to product and technical information on the Firestone Building Products’ website. After final customizations are made, a 2D CAD drawing or 3D model of the finished assembly can be downloaded to a computer or exported to another BIM program.

RoofGenuity is designed to work with Autodesk® Revit® Architecture building design software. Integration with other popular BIM programs is planned for later in 2010.

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