NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Tile And Carpet Cleaning By Cintas

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Tile And Carpet Cleaning By Cintas | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
Launched in 44 major markets across North America, the service uses a patent pending, high pressure steam system.

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Tile And Carpet Cleaning By Cintas


NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Tile And Carpet Cleaning By Cintas

Cintas Corporation has launched a new tile and carpet deep cleaning service in 44 major markets across North America. Developed for commercial facilities, this service uses a patent pending, high pressure steam system to remove dirt and deep clean a variety of carpeted and hard surface floor coverings.Cintas offers carpet and tile cleaning services.

To clean tile and grout, Cintas’ trained service providers use a four-step process to remove dirt and restore floors inside and outside a facility. The system is effective on a variety of floor surfaces, including manmade tile and grout, natural tile and grout, quarry kitchen tile, concrete, and brick walkways.

For carpet, a hot water extraction method is used to deep clean, effectively removing residue left behind by other cleaning methods. Carpets are then extracted using the Cintas Fast Dry method which allows carpets to dry in a few hours. Customers also have the option to protect floors further with its stain repellant program.

Cintas experts arrive at a customer’s facility in a state-of-the-art mobile cleaning plant. After the completion of the cleaning, representatives follow up 24 hours later to ensure customer satisfaction.

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  1. I had the opportunity to view this service while staying at a hotel in Indianapolis. Upon arriving home to St. Louis, I spoke with my facility management team, invited Cintas out for a presentation and quote, and started the service immediately. The continuous and consistent process, equipment, and set-up was exactly as I viewed in Indianapolis, and it made for the exact same results and full clean. The reason I am on here now is I lost my rep’s business card and am trying to locate the phone number to have more Tile and Grout cleaned. I did pay 2 cents more per square foot of carpet, with 23,000 sqft of carpet, because of the more extensive process. I used to get my carpet cleaned once a quarter, but it has been over 4 months now. The 2 cents more upfront is saving me nearly $5,000 per year in extra cleanings I no longer need. I would highly suggest contacting your local representative with Cintas to inquire and meet with them. It will be well worth the hour you spend to save long term dollars and make the facility finally look good for a long time!

    • Hi Mark A.,

      I just got a chance to see this article. I was thrilled to read your post. I certainly hope you got a hold of your rep.