FRIDAY FUNNY: Employee Training With Extra Cheese

Employee training videos. Almost every business uses them, and some are actually pretty helpful. But in the 80s, certain industries–the fast food sector in particular–went a bit overboard in a desperate attempt to train the largest number of people in the shortest period of time (and at the lowest cost). The results were cringe worthy.

This two part series from Wendy’s features special effects, an ode to patty flipping in the form of a rap, mirrored sunglasses, and pearls of wisdom from Wendy’s Owner Dave Thomas, who delivers brilliant lines like “pressing the hamburger patty requires skill and dedication,” and “people like when the burger hangs over the bun.”

Check it out:

After this well spent 15 minutes viewing these two tutorials, you’ll be ready to flip burgers with the best of ’em. And remember, never serve a burger that’s lookin’ ratty–not after you’ve got grill skills.

Ah, the 80s…