NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Cyber Theft Solutions

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Cyber Theft Solutions | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
Three service providers have joined forces to provide comprehensive cyber theft prevention, detection, and response mitigation services.

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Cyber Theft Solutions


NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Cyber Theft Solutions

Earlier this year, three service providers with proven track records in their respective fields joined forces to create Cyber Theft Solutions (CTS) in order to provide comprehensive cyber theft prevention, detection, and response mitigation services to organizations that store identity-sensitive information.

The alliance links the following firms —  Andrews International Inc., a provider of security and risk analysis and mitigation services; Procysive Corp., a cyber security and compliance consulting firm possessing proprietary cyber intrusion detection systems; and The Harrell Group, a strategic communications firm with expertise in issues management and crisis communications.

CTS serves major corporations, mid-sized businesses, non-profit groups, educational institutions and government entities with an integrated dashboard of cyber risk assessment, breach detection, physical asset protection, incident investigation, risk mitigation, and communications services. In addition, CTS will help its clients comply with anticipated federal mandates that are expected to dictate how organizations protect identity-specific information, as well as how they must respond to a breach should one occur.

CTS has the capability to:

  • Perform an assessment of its clients’ current physical and cyber security policies;
  • Evaluate compliance with existing security measures;
  • Identify physical and cyber vulnerabilities;
  • Employ proprietary intrusion detection and prevention systems;
  • Scan deep Web and social networking sites to identify threats to physical, data and personal security;
  • Investigate breach attempts and incidents; and
  • Plan and implement proactive and responsive communications programs.

CTS partners with each client to determine the services of greatest value in helping ensure that its stored information, business transactions, and/or physical assets are secure from cyber criminals, and that it is fully prepared to confidently respond, should a breach occur. CTS will also help ensure that the client fully complies with emerging governmental requirements.

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