Global FM Appoints New Chairperson And Board

Teena G. Shouse, CFM, IFMA Fellow, is now the new chairperson of Global FM. The Global Facilities Management Association has had a series of governance meetings in Atlanta, GA in October 2010. From these meetings, a new Board of Directors was appointed with a mandate of two years. The new Global FM Board composition is:

Teena Shouse (Chairperson)
Steve Gladwin (Immediate Past Chair)
Iain Murray (Deputy Chairman)
Ian Fielder (Treasurer)
Steve Taylor (FMA Australia)
David Duncan (FMA Australia)
Tony Keane (IFMA)
Gary Broersma (IFMA)
Lionel Cottin (ARSEG)
Delphine Sergent (ARSEG)
Jozsef Czerny (HFMS)

Shouse, the incoming chair, stated: “It gives me great pleasure to assume the role of Global FM Chair. I have been involved with Global FM from the beginning and have seen amazing maturation of the organization and its leaders. I wish to thank those who have previously served and in advance those yet to serve and support Global FM’s mission. With the right vision, alliances, and attitude we truly can grow the FM profession and positively influence the built environment.”

Shouse is a senior FM consultant at Facility Engineering Associates, P.C.. She has 26 years of experience in service related fields, predominately in facility management. Her primary expertise includes project management, BPI, sustainability in FM, staff development, and outsourced contract governance. Shouse has held senior posts in several companies including ARAMARK and Sprint. She creates and teaches Facility Management and Sustainability courses for IFMA and FEA and is a guest speaker at numerous North America and International conferences and universities. From 2005-2007, she served as the Chairman of the IFMA Board of Directors.

Steve Gladwin who is now the immediate past chairman, stated: “It has been a great honor for me to have served as chairman of Global FM over the past two years. In this time, we have seen World FM Day embraced across five continents as well as the launch of the inaugural Excellence Awards. Both initiatives of Global FM reinforce our vision to achieve Global Recognition of the FM profession. In handing over the Chair’s position to Teena Shouse, I am confident that Global FM will continue to grow and achieve its objectives.”

The new Global FM Board of Directors will unite efforts to accomplish the objectives and activities planned for 2011, making sure Global FM continues to grow and to live up to its mission: to promote the strategic value and progress of facilities management.