Best Practices In Allocating CAM Charges

Calculating CAM charges for a mixed–use property can present quite a challenge. Each mixed–use development is different, both in the way that it was conceived and the manner in which it is operated.

BOMA International’s all new by the numbers guide outlines the methods and guidelines that can be applied to existing or new mixed-use projects. It is a best–practice resource including a number of real-world case studies for managing live–work–play developments. Allocating Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Charges in Mixed Use Properties and Other Strategies for Managing Live–Work–Play Developments should be a helpful resource for anyone involved in mixed–use properties.

This comprehensive guide includes:

  • The Real Estate Manager’s Role in Mixed–Use Developments
  • How to Manage the Overall Project and Day–to–Day Management
  • Managing Utility Expenses
  • Life Safety and Security Access Control
  • Allocation of Property Owner Insurance
  • Plus, Seven Mixed–Use Case Studies

This publication is available for download from BOMA International. The price is $49.95 for members and $59.95 for non–members.