Cross-Border Facility Management Delivery Highlights Exchange

The Global Facility Management Association held its 10th International Workshop in Atlanta, GA. Entitled “Managing FM Across Borders,” the event took place one day prior to the International Facility Management Association’s (IFMA) World Workplace 2010 Conference & Expo, which drew approximately 4,900 attendees and brought an estimated US$5.7 million to Atlanta. The October workshop marked Global FM’s second of the year, following its April event in London.

The workshop program featured presentations from private sector, academic, and non-profit leaders from around the world who explored the challenges and opportunities posed by cross-border delivery of facility management and identified practical, reproducible solutions professionals could immediately put to use.

One of the key issues facing facility managers today is the challenge of delivering consistent services across boundaries — whether city to city, region to region, or country to country. Clients expect a guaranteed level of service that is both functional and understandable. Technology implementation, currency exchange, and a host of other issues make this cross-border delivery of facility management a continuing challenge for those in the profession.

Specific workshop topics included the macro factors changing the global landscape for facility managers; the cultural, age, and geographic boundaries impacting the profession; the approach facility practitioners are taking to respond to these changes; and the response national and international FM organizations are taking. The event featured a panel discussion with industry professionals sharing their experiences with cross-border service delivery.

The Global FM International Workshop held prior to World Workplace in Atlanta was both informative and inspiring,” said Global FM Chair Teena Shouse, CFM, IFMA Fellow. “As Global FM continues the practice of international workshops, it will strengthen our understanding of global facility management, create valuable networking opportunities and support our mission of advancing the FM profession. Stay tuned for more information on 2011 workshop events.”