Kaivac, Inc., a Hamilton, OH-based company that offers a portfolio of environmentally friendly cleaning products, has revamped its web based return on investment (ROI) calculator (originally introduced several years ago).

To provide more functionality to facility professionals who are evaluating cleaning systems, Kaivac revamped the original ROI calculator and added a second calculator as well. Both systems now offer more “what if” possibilities, graphs, and other information.

“One key thing we also added to the new calculators is [an estimate of] the environmental impact of different cleaning methods,” says Matt Morrison, Kaivac communications manager.

Visiting the Savings Guide, where the calculators are located on the Kaivac web site, the visitor has the following options:

  • Use a No-Touch Cleaning System calculator, which allows users to compare the different Kaivac systems to conventional restroom cleaning methods. Doing so helps in determining the ROI on selecting a No-Touch system as well as comparing cleaning times; labor, equipment, and chemical costs; and the amount of water and chemical used for both cleaning methods.
  • Work with a KaiMotion™ square footage calculator, which compares the time required to clean a hard surface floor area using the KaiMotion system to mop and bucket cleaning and an automatic scrubber. The square footage calculator also compares labor costs.

“Our end-customers tell us they are [most] concerned about two things when they select cleaning equipment,” says Morrison. “They want to know: Will the machine ultimately save them money and will it positively impact the environment. These calculators address both of these issues head-on.”

As to chemical use, Morrison adds that visitors now also have the option of comparing “chemical-free” cleaning with the No-Touch system to conventional restroom cleaning methods. This is because recent studies conducted by a laboratory accredited by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicate that certain models of the No-Touch Cleaning system are recognized as sanitizing devices when properly used, even when no chemicals are used.*

*Applies to Kaivac systems with a 500 psi pump and 3-stage vacuum motor. To be used as a sanitizing device, no chemicals or rinsing agents can be used.


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