January 2011 Issue (Volume 24, Number 1)

Today's Facility Manager: January 2011

TFM's Facility Executive of the Year headlines this issue, which also looks at technology advancements in HVAC, cloud computing, and the Bloom Box fuel cell.

January 2011 Issue (Volume 24, Number 1)


January 2011 Issue (Volume 24, Number 1)

tfmjan11coverToday’s Facility Manager: January 2011

Tricks Of The Trade: Energy Management For Churches and The Drawbacks Of “Free” | Balancing the energy needs of multipurpose facilities and affordable work order tools are examined by Elledge.

The Facility Technologist: Free Your Mind | By enabling organizations to locate hardware and software off-site, cloud computing reduces headaches for facility managers, especially if a disaster strikes.

Professional Development: Commissioning Goes From Optional To Mainstream | Converging forces in the buildings industry have transformed this testing of building systems from optional to widely accepted.

Services & Maintenance: Planning Green Cleaning | Whether managers are tweaking their organizations’ programs or embarking on an overhaul, occupant health and environmental impact are leading goals.

TFM 2011 Facility Executive Of The Year | Todd Finders, director of global data center services at Emerson, led the development of a LEED Gold facility in St. Louis, MO—the start of a long-term data center consolidation initiative for the company.

HVAC Trends: Forging The Path | Major developments affecting energy efficiency occurred in 2010, with more underway. Facility managers can improve HVAC operations and more by tuning into how they can use these tools.

High-Tech Case Study: High-Tech Housing | A storage facility in South Florida was designed to protect clients’ luxury items.

Renewable Energy: Solid Oxide Fuel Cells | Solid oxide fuel cells are potential opportunities for many facilities, and Bloom Energy has put a twist on this technology.

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