NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Remote Sensor Module From ecobee

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Remote Sensor Module From ecobee | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
This module works with the company's energy management system and gives facility managers more control.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Remote Sensor Module From ecobee


NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Remote Sensor Module From ecobee

ecobee, a maker of products that automate energy conservation, has introduced its Remote Sensor Module (RSM), which allows users of the ecobee Energy Management System and the ecobee Smart Thermostat to have increased control over their building’s operating system. The RMS has been designed to add up to four additional sensors per system and supports 10K, NTC resistive temperature sensors, and 0-10Vdc or 0-5Vdc humidity or CO2 sensor

The ecobee RSM can be monitored remotely via a web portal and is compatible with a majority of off-the-shelf 10K NTC temperature sensors.

“The Remote Sensor Module will enable ecobee customers to average temperatures, control humidity, and measure CO2,” sais ecobee President & CEO Stuart Lombard.

Facility managers in a variety of building types, including schools, churches, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, and office buildings, are using the RMS technology with ecobee’s Energy Management System.

Control Sensors
With the help of the ecobee Remote Sensor Module facility managers can take control comfort with the ability to:

  • Use a sensor to control the HVAC system instead of the thermostat.
  • Average temperature or humidity sensors in the building to get optimal system performance.
  • Use already programmed high and low temperature alerts with a control sensor to alert staff if there are problems with the system.

Monitor temperatures, humidity, and CO2 of locations and non-HVAC equipment with the ecobee RSM. Facility managers can also:

  • Set different thresholds or actions for each sensor for easy building management.
  • Monitor discharge air temperature to ensure equipment is functioning properly.
  • Set up the RSM to alert staff if the sensors detect something wrong.

Facility managers can also get accurate weather data with an outdoor sensor. The information gathered is used to configure HVAC algorithms to help the HVAC system maintain the most comfortable conditions for the most amount of savings.

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