Johnsonite Launches TFM Resilient Flooring Channel

Johnsonite Launches TFM Resilient Flooring Channel | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
Johnsonite has unveiled its new Resilient Flooring Channel on the Today’s Facility Manager website.

Johnsonite Launches TFM Resilient Flooring Channel


Johnsonite Launches TFM Resilient Flooring Channel

Today, facility and risk managers, architects and specifiers are being asked to do so much more than just build and renovate spaces. They are charged with creating dynamic places that connect the purpose, values and objectives of an organization with its people. They have to manage a complex web of issues from work processes and technology to communications, while considering design, comfort, sustainability, life-safety and compliance in a litigious environment. And they have to do it with tighter budgets and shrinking time frames.

The world has clearly changed. Johnsonite chooses to see these issues as an opportunity rather than a problem. In fact, they’ve redesigned their company to provide customers with customized flooring solutions that help them meet their business objectives. Johnsonite strives to help customers redefine their interior environments so they become investments in human capital, rather than simply operating expenses. As the leader in specialty flooring industry, Johnsonite is showing clients how integrating design with life-safety can enhance employee productivity and help companies attract, motivate and retain the best talent.

Visit the Today’s Facility Manager Resilient Flooring Channel today to learn more about Johnsonite’s array of tools to help you pick the right product for the best application, price and room.

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