Lighting Webinar Available For Download

Lighting Webinar Available For Download | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
Presented on June 1, 2011 by NEMA members, the presentation covered lighting management strategies that can cut costs and consumption.

Lighting Webinar Available For Download


Lighting Webinar Available For Download

Last week, on June 1, 2011, TFM and NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) presented an hour-long Webinar providing an overview of how facility managers can implement traditional lighting management strategies—as well as newer technologies such as digital lighting controls, wireless systems, advanced daylighting and window shade controls—to reduce energy use.

The event, which was attended by professionals working in a cross-section of facility types and locations, provided several perspectives, with experts from three NEMA member companies contributing their insight.

Slides from the presentation, “Implementing Lighting Management Technologies and Practices to Drive Building Efficiency,” are now available for download at this link.


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