NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Building Energy Calculator From Guardian

Guardian now offers the SunGuard Building Energy Calculator to provide facility project specifiers a tool to evaluate commercial glazing options and their impact on energy use and design. The Building Energy Calculator, accessible through its dedicated webpage, allows for comparison of building energy costs for multiple glazing options in prototypical buildings based on multiple variables.

Users are asked to input data through a number of prompts including building type, fuel type and costs, daylighting controls, window orientation, and glazing options. Once the data has been entered, the calculation engine applies utility rates and specific weather data for 52 cities in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to generate energy cost and consumption data in tabular form and bar chart graphics.

The results highlight key advantages to using energy efficient glazings and their impact on monthly and annual costs and consumption under standard and peak demand conditions.

The calculator offers a variety of glazing options, and provides a summary of energy costs so the benefits of particular products can be quickly determined and compared. While the final choice of glazing options is up to a project design professional, Guardian salespeople are also trained to use the calculator as a service to customers as they consider the right glazing for their project.

Group 14 Engineering of Denver, CO developed the Building Energy Calculator exclusively for Guardian using the DOE2 calculation engine created by J. Jeff Hirsch & Associates.