New Service Spotlight: Grainger Expands Inventory Management Service

New Service Spotlight: Grainger Expands Inventory Management Service | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
The offering builds on the company’s experience assisting customers with inventory management by providing solutions to business’ operations.

New Service Spotlight: Grainger Expands Inventory Management Service


New Service Spotlight: Grainger Expands Inventory Management Service

Grainger recently announced enhancements to its KeepStock® suite of inventory management solutions. The updated and expanded portfolio builds on the company’s experience assisting customers with inventory management by providing a variety of solutions to business’ operations.

“Our research shows that improving inventory management processes can help facility managers (fms) reduce spending by as much as 25%,” said Deb Oler, Vice President and General Manager, Grainger Brand. “The key to maximizing your savings is finding the right inventory management solution to match your needs. Our staff takes time to understand a customer’s business and then works with them to identify the KeepStock solution that will drive the most cost savings.”

Grainger’s KeepStock portfolio helps facilities and institutions improve usage and control of products, ranging from saw blades to safety glasses to power tools to cleaning supplies. The company first introduced packaged inventory management solutions to the U.S. in 2006 and has continued to evolve and expand the offering based on customer feedback. The updated KeepStock portfolio offers a variety of solutions that address simple needs to highly complex inventory management requirements. KeepStock includes several Customer Managed Inventory (CMI) options that allow fms to better manage inventory themselves and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions in which Grainger assists with ordering and put away.

Recent KeepStock portfolio enhancements include:

  • KeepStock Label: A low tech, low-cost solution that allows customers to print informative labels directly from to help identify, organize, and manage inventory. Fms can also create online inventory lists for faster identification of materials and simple reordering.
  • KeepStock Scan: Through this solution, fms manage their own inventory with a Grainger provided scanner and labels. The solution offers online reporting that details order history so fms can easily analyze their purchasing behaviors. KeepStock Scan also gives fms access to a dedicated Grainger KeepStock specialist to support their ongoing needs.
  • KeepStock Mobile: A mobile solution that utilizes Grainger-provided scanning software to help fms manage inventory that moves, such as supplies in a service truck or van.
  • KeepStock Secure: Best known as a “dispensing” solution, KeepStock Secure features an optimized vending machine with carousel technology that allows for significantly more product to be stored at one time. Grainger provides complete project management of the machine implementation, including planning, transportation, installation, on site training, and replenishment services.
  • KeepStock Onsite: A Grainger representative visits an fm’s facility to scan and maintain inventory on site. The solution is integrated with so orders can be placed in real time.

Grainger also offers KeepStock Track, a barcode inventory control system, and KeepStock Store, a Grainger operated and fully stocked branch located onsite at a customer’s facility. Many of the solutions across the portfolio also include detailed activity reporting capabilities illustrating purchase order history.

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  1. Although maintaining the inventory system isn’t easy for everyone and if its not properly maintained then it can seriously damage your business, which is unbearable for anyone. I wanted to ask you that for a small business is it necessary to have some software for it or it can easily be handled manually?

  2. Really its a great news to hear that Grainger has expanded inventory management system. Thanks for letting us know about it.