New Service Spotlight: Hard Drive Destruction From DataNoMore

For facility managers (fms) seeking a safe way to destroy hard drives with total obliteration, there is a solution, and one that comes with a million dollar guarantee. Fms can send hard drives to DataNoMore, which shreds them into thousands of useless pieces and sends a certificate of destruction meeting stringent legal and government standards.

DataNoMore is a hard drive destruction service from USMe, which is a division of USM, a Midwest wholesaler and processor of recycled metals. USM has been recycling metals for over 40 years.

Fms will no longer have to fear losing confidential information and liability for fines, prison terms, and/or criminal penalties under HIPAA and other federal and state laws. Nor will they have to worry whether overwriting or erasure fully worked, if thieves might reconstruct files, or if magnets or hammers succeeded.

For only $10 per hard drive (less depending on volume), DataNoMore provides assurance the hard drive has been pulverized. Fms can order hard drive mailers from the company website. They then remove the hard drive with a screwdriver following website instructions and videos before inserting it in the mailer and then sending it back.

DataNoMore logs receipt and processing, professionally shreds the hard drive, and sends a certificate of destruction noting how and where the hard drive was reduced to bite sized pieces of commodity grade material. DataNoMore supports each destruction with a $1 million guarantee. If any information is later retrieved, and it never has been, the company will cover damages up to $1 million.