New Service Spotlight: Refrigerant Reclaim Centers from DuPont

This year, another 10% or 10 million pounds of R-22 supply will be removed from the marketplace as mandated by the EPA HCFC Allocation Final Rule. The EPA final rule set HCFC production and import limits to levels that would create an annual gap in supply each year based on the EPA projected servicing needs in the U.S. air conditioning and refrigeration sector.

This is why DuPont has established a national network of Authorized Refrigerant Reclaim Centers to take back recovered R-22 and other refrigerants. A menu of reclaim options are available so that DuPont refrigerant distributors are able to tailor their reclaim offering to meet the needs of their customers. The Refrigerant Reclaim Centers offer programs that are flexible and convenient to help facility managers (fms) manage their recovered refrigerants.

The annual gap in supply remains at approximately 27.5 million pounds of R-22 per year through 2014. The year over year shortfall results in 10-14% reduced supply each year. This potential shortfall in supply may be mitigated by year end carryover inventory, retrofitting existing R-22 systems to HFC refrigerants like DuPontTM ISCEON® MO99TM, improved leak reduction practices, increased recovery and reclaim activity, and overall improved refrigerant management practices.

Twenty percent of the service market will need reclaimed R-22 through 2014 to offset this anticipated shortfall. It is important for fms to implement a refrigerant management plan and take action now to increase their service practices including recovery and reclamation.