Green Seal Introduces Standard For Specialty Cleaning Products

Green Seal Introduces Standard For Specialty Cleaning Products | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
With this new standard, virtually all cleaning products used in institutional and industrial settings can now be Green Seal certified.

Green Seal Introduces Standard For Specialty Cleaning Products


Green Seal Introduces Standard For Specialty Cleaning Products

Green Seal, Inc., has released a standard for specialty cleaners used in the Industrial and Institutional market. GS-53, Specialty Cleaning Products for Institutional and Industrial Use, covers routinely used products such as dish soaps, graffiti removers, automotive cleansers, deck and outdoor cleaners, odor removers, and polishes and waxes, among others. The standard also provides guidance on what requirements to look for in specifying disinfectants and sanitizers.

With the launch of GS-53, Green Seal now offers standards for most cleaning products. Green Seal standards for general purpose cleaning and floor cleaning products have been used for nearly two decades to help facility managers (fms) identity environmentally preferable options. Since 1993, Green Seal certified cleaning products have been used in settings ranging from Yankee Stadium to schools nationwide.

“Fms are continuing to seek cleaning products that are safer for workers and building inhabitants—and are often under mandates to do so,” says Dr. Arthur Weissman, President & CEO of Green Seal. “With the launch of GS-53 virtually all cleaners used in these settings can be Green Seal certified, which will make the job of securing environmentally preferable products much easier and more efficient.”

The evaluation process includes review of data; assessment of labeling, marketing, and promotional materials; and an on site audit of manufacturing facilities. Annual monitoring is also conducted for those awarded the Green Seal to ensure continued compliance.

The Green Seal mark appears on over 3600 environmentally responsible products and services, and Green Seal is accredited by the American National Standards Institute. The independent organization focuses on certification to its leadership standards, avoiding any conflict of interest that may arise from recommending products or consulting with applicants.

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