BOMI International and BOMA International Announcement

Leaders and staff of BOMA International and BOMI International recently met to explore areas of mutual interest where they could work together while driving commercial real estate initiatives. The range of topics included training future talent, developing careers in real estate, and meeting the emerging educational needs of the existing workforce.

“We share a marketplace that is constantly changing for our respective members and students,” said BOMA International Chair Boyd R. Zoccola, executive vice president, Hokanson Companies Inc. “It makes a lot of sense for us to work together to enhance the property management profession and to provide the training that will create high performance companies.”

“Future professionals in the real estate management industry will demand training in ways just being imagined today,” stated BOMI International Chair Dolores Bocian. “BOMI International’s mandate is to ensure that both our educational content, as well as the methods through which we deliver content, reflect and meet the needs of current and future students. Working with BOMA in recognizing future trends in real estate management will help us prepare our students for the challenges of tomorrow.”

As a result of the meeting, four areas of initial collaboration were identified to explore:

  • Leverage resources and events to attract talent to careers in real estate.
  • Build training and education offerings and networking for asset managers.
  • Work on ways to help returning military veterans find training, jobs, and networking communities.
  • Market and publicize the value of the property management profession.

The organizations will dedicate resources in pursuit of these four initiatives beginning this fall. As progress is made in these areas, both groups will report back to enlist the help of their constituencies.