NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Monthly Subscriptions From Easy Ice

Facility managers in buildings that use ice machines can benefit from the month to month subscription offering from Easy Ice, a Michigan-based provider of commercial ice machines.

Easy Ice subscriptions on Hoshizaki ice makers, bins and dispensers are offered nationwide for a flat monthly cost, which includes preventive maintenance, water filters, repair parts and labor, and regular cleaning. The company will also deliver ice in the event of a machine malfunction. The ice machines available range in size from 250 to 1,900 pounds of ice produced in a 24-hour period, and these come in a variety of styles including modular and stackable units, built-in bin models, fountain dispenser machines, and ice and water dispensing units.

Serving facilities nationwide, Easy Ice supplies ice machines to numerous industries, including restaurants, bars, convenience stores, employee lounges in manufacturing and distribution centers, grocers, country clubs and recreational clubs, healthcare facilities, hotels and cruise ships, educational institutions, offices, military bases, and government facilities.

Through a partnership with Reddy Ice, the largest packaged ice supplier in North America, Easy Ice is able to provide service technicians and emergency ice within three to six hours in the event of a malfunction. “Until recently, limited solutions existed for handling an ice machine malfunction,” said Easy Ice CEO Mark Hangen. “Organizations had to either manually transport ice from another machine, potentially compromising the cleanliness of the ice and risking employee injury, or purchase expensive quantities of emergency ice. Easy Ice developed a better alternative with our ice machine subscription plans that include expedited repair and emergency ice service. Our network of service technicians can usually complete a repair in 3 to 6 hours, before the issue has time to affect a customer’s ice supply. When a more extensive repair is required, Easy Ice will deliver emergency ice until the machine returns to peak operational efficiency. With this service, facing 48 hours or more without ice is no longer a problem.”