Q. Being a very devoted employee, I find myself performing duties a a facility manager (fm) should be hired to do. I just dropped a hint to our company owner about hiring an fm, but what other details could I pull together to show him he needs to hire an FM?

Our company is about 65 employees warehouse and office staff with a second large warehouse being purchased soon.

Account Rep
Company name withheld
Houston, TX

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  1. You are experiencing a very common issue in the world of facilities management. The core issue is senior management’s lack of understanding of the scope of facilities. Too often, since every one has worked in a facility, everyone believes the job of FM can be done by anyone. The way to challenge this misunderstanding is to just look at what a FM should manage and coordinate – as the question of WHO – who is looking out for the employees and company in the following areas.
    Environmental Management
    Emergency Management and Response
    Coordination with local authorities, e.g. Fire, EMS, Disaster Recovery,….
    Facility Energy Conservation
    Asset Management (theft, taxes, preventative/predictive maintenance,…)
    Contract Management (outsourcing, Vendor performance management,…)
    And the list goes o.
    Remember, FM touches and often manages two of a company’s top cost categories – Site and Building Costs and Employee Productivity.
    – Site and Building Costs by assuring effective utilization of space and assets
    – Employee Productivity by assuring effective work environments.
    Thus, a clear FM focus can be very beneficial to a company’s bottom line!

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