QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Maintenance Calculations

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Maintenance Calculations | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
What is the best way to calculate maintenance staffing requirements?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Maintenance Calculations


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Maintenance Calculations

Q. What could I use to calculate the number of maintenance techs needed for the type and size of my facility? I was wondering if such a calculation is available or not. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Ron Lindenpitz
Director of Environmental Services and Buildings Management
Laurelbrooke Landing
Brookville, PA

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  1. It will depend on the service level you need to establish to your internal clients. You must consider also the scope of work (SOW). You have to decide if your tech should be trade focused or a multiskilled technician. You also have to stick to your budget. If you go lean manpower, you hire multiskilled or all around technician.

    In my experience, I always maintain at least 6 all around or electromechanical technicians for a 24/7 (2 technician per shift) operation and maintenance of my facility, powerhouse, chiller plant, UPS, building maintenance services, etc.

  2. we use a statistic method which is developed in our consulting company and used in many projects. The necessary input parameters depends on the service that has to be caculated. For maintenance we usualy use surface an value of the object or portfolio and specific benchmarks. Therefor use our benchmarking pool ( It’s a very fast and reliable way to calculate specific FM Services for any kind of object.

  3. You must be conversant with prices of materials: Cement, wood, Roofing sheets etc; within your area. Labour might be the simplest to calculate using the Rate per hour, especaily of the menial type you employ to improve a facility.

  4. The Building Owners and Managers Association supplies detail cost data for various facilities in their Experience Exchange Report. Staffing levels can be determined by “backing out” the hours from the maintenance labor or payroll expense (hourly rate from your area). BOMA is at They charge for the Experience Exchange Report.

  5. Hello,

    my approach to calculate the staffing requirements was a timeframe/duration for every single task. I guess it is a bit complicated and needs a lot of brainwork but in my opinion you get the best results. The more you use such an approach the better you get. The basis you need to start calculating are only the detailed specifications for your building’s facilities and the SOW for the maintenance.

    Best regards