New Product Flash: Leaf Defier From Monzi, LLC

New Product Flash: Leaf Defier From Monzi, LLC

This product allows water and fine particulates to flow through gutter systems while keeping out leaves and other debris.
This product allows water and fine particulates to flow through gutter systems while keeping out leaves and other debris.

The Leaf Defier® family of gutter protection products from Monzi, LLC, located in Moonachie, NJ, provides facility managers the ability to improve stormwater management, enhance building durability, and help prevent pest infestations by allowing water and fine particulates to flow freely through gutter systems while keeping leaves and other debris out.

Leaf Defier® from Monzi, LLC
Leaf Defier® from Monzi, LLC

Designed with high performance urethane polymers, Leaf Defier is inserted into gutters to ensure leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other possible obstructions are kept from entering and clogging gutter systems. As a result, water flows readily through the foam filter insert, into the gutter valley and out the downspout to virtually eliminate overflows that can infiltrate structures to cause foundation cracks and other forms of water related damage.

Leaf Defier can help solve problems by preventing all forms of pests from entering the gutter cavity, including insects like mosquitoes that breed in standing water or carpenter ants that can build nests in moist wood caused by clogged gutters. Dr. Austin Frishman, a Board Certified Entomologist and recognized industry expert in the pest management field, recently confirmed the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) benefits of the Leaf Defier family of gutter protection products in a report that highlighted the product’s ability to change conducive conditions in favor of facility managers.

To ensure longevity, the Leaf Defier family of products has passed Nationally Accredited Exterior Grade Weather Arc Testing. Lightweight and flexible, these systems also offer the high water flow rates, are proven fire resistant to a 250°C flashpoint, and incorporate an environmentally safe biocide and fungicide to resist the growth of organic compounds.

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  1. I would like to get my money back. $750.00. The leaf defiers are all clogged up.
    I covered every inch of the gutters. Leafs dont get through . But, all the dust and dirt does. It totally clogged them up. where do I go for a refund. You promise a 25 year guarantee.
    And when it rains hard, the leaf defiers, restrict the rain. Counter productive.

  2. @Bill the product has been approved for non potable use.
    @Lisa we have had very good success during the winter times. We will help reduce the ice logs and icicles but due to other variables we cannot promise that they will be totally eliminated. The product will only positive effect the environment by allowing the melting water run away more quickly.
    @Debbie you do not need to remove the product during winter times. Snow and Ice tend to set up on top of the product. As it melts it will pass through the product quickly. If it does freeze within the product it will freeze in pellets that melt quickly once the temperature warms up. Again there are other factors that contribute to icing at the eaves and we cannot control circumstances that are caused by insulation or ventilation issues within the house..

  3. I live on Long Island and installed your product in the spring. So far good. It is now winter and I have roof and gutter heaters. Will it be a problem? Do they work in the snow? Do I have to take them out for the winter? Will they interfer with my gutter heaters? Please tell me. Thank you.

  4. I’m wondering what happens with this product in the cold climate areas with ice and snow on the roof and gutter? Good? Not so good?

  5. This product is a joke! It was implied that needles would not be a problem, this is not the case. It seems the pine needles pile up, stick in and collect other debris as well. Furthermore, at $2.85 cents a foot contractor’s price, you can find an “off brand” offering all the same benefits at Costco for about $.64 a foot. I even inquired with a Monzi representative as to why the cost difference, he literally had no response, I thought he hung up on me. When pinned down, he confessed that they were not nearly as good of a defense against needeles as their video would lead you to believe, and he had no justification for the huge price difference. I would avoid this product.

    • Brian,

      What is the $.64 product? I live in Minnesota and have a few concerns for ice dams. I have large silver maple tree’s and a large pine tree right next to my house.I would hope that all of the pine needles would not be caught in the product.

      Thank you

  6. We have a custern for our home water source. What form of biocide and fungicide is used in the gutter filter? Is this product safe for a home water cistern?

  7. Randy – Costco only carries the 5″ product. We can make product but there are limitation we have to follow. Please feel free to contact me directly for more information. You can follow the link to our website for our phone numbers and ask to speak to me directly. Or you can send an email to me directly. I posted the email in the previous posting.

  8. Dennis – All the product at Costco is made to fit the standard 5″ K style gutter. If you follow the installation instructions it will show you how to install. The Costco product is different than that of the Leaf Defier which is mention in the above article. You can send me an email with more questions at


  10. I purchased your product at Costco but it is for 4 inch gutters…Do you make this for a five-inch gutter and, if so, where can I purchase it??? THANKS

  11. The majority of the time the fine debris will be carried out with the water. On a few rare occasions you may need to remove and clean out the Leaf Defier product. For example if you replace your roof and don’t protect the gutter you will need to shake out the extra roof grit. You may also want to knock off the debris that may rest on top of the Leaf Defier. It won’t effect the function it just may not look the best.

  12. This sounds like a great method of keeping leaves, pine needles, and other trash out of your rain gutters. But, do you ever have to take out the Leaf Defier to replace damaged pieces or to clean out the inside of the rain gutters?

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