April 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 4)

Today's Facility Manager: April 2012

According to experts from the ICC, the IgCC is expected to increase sustainability, cost savings, and job growth while providing direction for safe and sustainable building design and construction.

April 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 4)


April 2012 Issue (Volume 25, Number 4)

Today’s Facility Manager: April 2012

FM Frequency: Machines Don’t Clean Buildings… People Do | Keeping in mind the demands on cleaning staff enhances a facility manager’s ability to oversee this service.

Professional Development: Is It Time For The Wrecking Ball? | Determining whether or not to continue investing in a facility is easier with accurate and current data.

The HVAC Factor: Reducing Water Consumption | Changes to cooling tower operations and maintenance help conserve this resource.

Services & Maintenance: Getting The Message Across | Defining objectives is key to developing effective mass facility warning and notification strategies.

FM Issue: Lighting Boost | With technology improvements, there is continued opportunity for facility managers to upgrade their systems to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Green Design Trends: Raising The Bar | The recently accepted International Green Construction Code (IgCC) sets new standards for building energy efficiency.

Retail Case Study: Purchase Power | In Dedham, MA, energy improvements keep a Stop & Shop supermarket up to date with a company wide store prototype.

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