QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Belt Maintenance

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Belt Maintenance | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
Is it wise to push the integrity of equipment when maintenance is fairly straightforward? Or should you only change belts when necessary?

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Belt Maintenance


QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Belt Maintenance

This Question of the Week comes from the Facilities Management Professionals International group on Linkedin.

How often do you replace the belts of the roof fans? We have a contract with a company and when asked the same question during a recent checkup, the technician said they usually replace the belts on an “as needed” basis.

But from my experience, I think once a year is a safer baseline. I am not comfortable with the idea of trying to stretch them too much, especially since they are not that expensive in the first place. And since the equipment is on the roof, it’s fairly easy to get there.

 Additionally, how often should the ventilation system be cleaned?

Bogdan Burlacu
Rental Manager
Gateway Property Management Corporation
Vancouver, Canada

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