NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Attune Advisory Services from Honeywell

A sample Attune energy dashboard

Honeywell Building Solutions recently introduced its Attune™ Advisory Services, a suite of services that combines cloud based tools and analytics to provide facility managers with information they can use to reduce utility bills and operational expenses.

Attune Advisory Services help facility managers — wherever they are on the energy efficiency and operational efficiency spectrum, providing technology and support to gain baseline awareness of building performance, make improvements to reduce energy and operations costs, and define an ongoing strategy.

Facility managers can use Attune Advisory Services to turn their building performance data into an action plan that pinpoints potential upgrades and their expected return on investment. The service suite enables managers to optimize their budgets and other resources by combining cloud based tools and analytics with insight and advice from a global team of Honeywell consultants, and customized support provided by skilled on-site technicians.

Attune offers three levels of assistance — Awareness, Improvement and Optimization — with programs focusing on either energy or operational efficiency. The energy focused services include:

Attune Energy Awareness enables facility managers to access and monitor electricity and natural gas consumption using a Web based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) dashboard that collects information from utility meters to provide insight on building performance and create a baseline to help identify savings opportunities. Honeywell also provides lobby signage that allows organizations to showcase the results of efficiency efforts.

Attune Energy Improvement turns building data into actionable recommendations with the advice of Honeywell analysts. Facility managers receive periodic reports that provide information on efficiency opportunities with related recommendations on upgrades and replacements. Building retrofits made as a result of these services can deliver energy savings of up to 10%.

Attune Energy Optimization delivers a combination of improved building knowledge and actionable recommendations, backed by monitoring, measurement, and verification to help ensure facilities operate at their peak. Optimization can deliver energy savings of 10% to 20% on average, with the potential for even greater savings in older facilities.

Honeywell plugs into a building to gather systems data and assess performance using cloud based fault detection and diagnostics. Local service technicians collaborate with a team of optimization experts to review the findings and present a plan to help facility managers reduce utility consumption. Ongoing assessment and monitoring allow managers to see that upgrades continue to deliver results.

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