NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Carrier Rooftops App by Carrier

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Carrier Rooftops App by Carrier - Today's Facility Manager
This mobile app can assist facility professionals with on-the-spot information when evaluating light commercial rooftop equipment for replacement or new construction projects.

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Carrier Rooftops App by Carrier


NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Carrier Rooftops App by Carrier

Carrier has introduced a mobile app developed to assist customers with the selection of light commercial rooftop equipment. The company created its Carrier Rooftops app to enable industry professionals to perform on-the-spot selection of rooftop units for replacement or new construction and estimate the potential energy savings that can be realized with Carrier® Weather Series rooftop units.

Users input an existing Carrier unit model number or the desired unit specifications and obtain information on the optimal model to meet those requirements. They can compare and evaluate Carrier models using the new app to determine the best unit to meet specific needs.

Once customers have selected the best solution for their application, they can enter their zip code and connect to a local distributor by phone, e-mail or text message to obtain real-time pricing and delivery information.

The app is free and available for download from the Carrier website, the Apple® App Store and Google® Play App Store for the iPad® tablet, and iPhone® and Android™ smartphones.

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