NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: PsycIt App from Polygon

Following the introduction of its “PsycIt” Psychrometric iPhone app in February 2012, Polygon has released a version for Blackberry users. The “PsycIt” app delivers a time saving tool for facility managers, quantity surveyors, architects, and technicians by calculating the amount of relative humidity on site — therefore quickly computing the time needed to efficiently dry the area.

Polygon is a provider of property damage restoration, temporary humidity control, and property performance services. The company’s “PsycIt” app serves as a tool for facility managers who are assessing psychometric calculations, including wet and dry bulb, vapor pressure, enthalpy, relative humidity, dew point, and humidity ratio.

Using the app eliminates the need to take a cumbersome psychometric chart in the field. It is user-friendly and capable of calculating complex air-moisture combinations.

The app is is available in in Full or Lite versions, and it will be released for Android phones later this year. The Full version has the capability to calculate process loads as well as allowing mixing of multiple air streams. Both “PsycIt” apps enable input and output of ambient conditions, building dimensions, and provide accurate readings in both imperial and metric.

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